Kalfsbeek Diplomatic Sales.

Kalfsbeek Diplomatic Sales.

Kalfsbeek is an official, authorized BMW partner since 1963, and is currently operating three dealerships: Schiedam, Wateringen and Brielle.

The Wateringen dealership is the specialized Diplomatic Sales centre.

  • Kalfsbeek offers professional services in a relaxed and discrete manner.
  • Our expertise permits us to efficiently and effectively take care of all your enquiries and all procedural matters relating to the purchase of your new BMW.
  • To make owning and driving a BMW as convenient and pleasurable as possible, we offer the following additional services:
  • Kalfsbeek Exclusive Policy; comprehensive cover for your car, giving complete peace of mind.
  • Kalfsbeek Transport Service; for only € 22,50 excl. VAT we collect and return your car when service is needed.
  • Kalfsbeek Wheel Storage Service; making conversion between and storage of summer- and winter tires easy.
  • Kalfsbeek Hardtop Service; store your hardtop the smart way.
  • Kalfsbeek Body-repairshop; high quality repair performed by in-house people.
  • Financial Services; always a tailor made finance agreement

While waiting in Wateringen for short services, you will find Wi-Fi services, free of charge, available in the coffee corner. Kalfsbeek comprehensive services also include delivering your vehicle as quickly as possible. Default delivery times are three to four months after the order is placed and a 10% deposit has been made. Delivery times may vary from model to model.

As an authorised BMW Dealer, Kalfsbeek offer the highest levels of service and expertise, whether you are purchasing a new car or looking for maintenance for your current car. Our dealership always show the latest models, plus a wide choice of BMW Premium Selection approved used cars.

We look forward to welcoming you!



As a privileged customer of BMW, Kalfsbeek welcomes you to serve you. Thanks to the international Diplomatic Sales Programm from BMW, we can offer you special prices and conditions for your official and personal BMW. This special offer is valid if you and your family have diplomatic passports and are officially representing your country. We can advise you on how to configure your BMW and place a production order. To ensure that you will not encounter any difficulties in registering the car in future, we ensure that it's fully compliant with its final destination.

Kalfsbeek helps you to expirience BMW, The Ultimate Driving Machine.


With our high quality workshop and our professional technician's we are be able to maintain your car at the highest level. When you make an appointment with our reception you can choose to use our Transport Service. Which meanse that for only € 22,50 excl VAT we collect your car at your home or workadress and return it afterwards.

When you have to be mobile, you can also rent one of our rental cars. In case you have to bring your car for guarantee (in main case) or to repair some bodyworkdamage in our paint-shop, the rental car is for free.

We can make a service appointment in a short period, so you never have to wait long for an appointment. When your car needs short service, you can also decide to wait and make use of our WiFi service to work during your waiting.

Another service we can offer you is our Wheel Storage and Hardtop Service; we arrange the change of your summer- and wintertyres (tires - 2 times a year, Hardtop - once a year) and storage the parts that are not in use.